Investing in a healthier, more sustainable future.

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N*GEN (ngenpartners.com) is Inventiv’s growth equity and venture capital manager with 20 years of expertise in sustainability investing.

  Identifies corporate acquirers’ strategic needs
  Identifies target companies disrupting mature industries
  Partners with target companies to accelerate growth
  Exits to corporate acquirers or IPO

  • $250mm Growth Equity Fund investing in the “Healthy Living” – Companies that operate in “Better for You” Consumer, Smart Cities & Sustainable Food Systems
  • Target innovative growth companies that capitalize on changing consumer behaviors and constrained resources
  • 95%+ proprietary deal flow
  • Investing for top-tier Institutional Investors since 2001

N*GEN capitalizes on Megatrends:

Technology and Automation

Population Growth and Urbanization

Millennial Ascendance and Silver Tsunami

Constrained Resources

For more information visit: ngenpartners.com
The N*Gen for a healthier next generation