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green algea floating in under water


Proven industrial scale carbon capture

Monday, March 26th 2018

Inventiv has committed to providing institutional financing for rapid deployment of Pond Technologies, Inc. solutions for emissions capture.

Pond Technologies holds 56 patents to capture industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous dioxide and use these emissions to grow high quality algae for use in multiple commercial applications. Inventiv is financing the technology deployment. Contact Andrew Wilder (aw@invcm.com) for U.S. deployment and Belal Zaman (bz@invcm.com) for Middle East deployment.

Inventiv Capital Management’s CEO Paulus Ingram says “Inventiv is thrilled to have the opportunity to channel institutional capital into infrastructure that so clearly supports U.N. Sustainable Development Goals through reduction of greenhouse gases. Pond is a prime example of innovation that recognizes that pollution is actually resources out of place, and by relocating these resources there is profitability, growth and a healthy virtuous cycle for future generations. This technology could actually save the coal industry and the planet at the same time.”

Steve Martin, CEO and Founder of Pond Technologies Inc. says “We’re happy to have a partner in Inventiv that understands the massive scale of improvements we can make by rolling out our technology and is available to finance our rapid growth.”

For More Info: http://pondtechnologiesinc.com/